My 1953 Dodge M37, 4x4 3/4 ton Military Truck


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William A. Watson, II

This M37 was bought at a closed bid county Highway Department Auction in MO with only 26,366 miles on the odometer.  I was the winning bidder and am now the proud owner.  The truck hadn't run or been used in a few years, but the engine was not stuck.  Some rust in the usual areas on an M, under the headlights, and the bed floor is gone.  Other than that the only major body issue is the Drivers Door has been opened up against the fender (door check busted) way too hard.  Plans were to use the engine and drive train from a donor 1994 3/4 ton Dodge Ram 4x4 and make a great modern powered trail truck.  However after checking into the issue of putting the modern axles under the M (Narrowing Axles and Steering changes), I decided to stay with the M's axles and add Disc Brakes and Lockers.  I bought a 1968 Dodge W200 with a 318 V-8 and a NP435D3 Transmission and have re-powered the M37.

TRUCK, CARGO,  3/4   TON. 4x4, M37 WoW
ORD. STOCK NO.  62741-8358322
Mfr. Ser. No.  80257890
Contracting.  12107
Date Del.  12-7-53
Model:  T245
Frame No.  80257890
Cowl No.  49202-3366
Hood Number  ARMY 201012036


Re-Powered with a Mopar Small Block (LA) V-8 Specifications:

Displacement:  323 cu. in.  (318 bored 30 over)

Cam:  Melling Performance - Duration 278/288 (204/214 @ .050) Lift .422/.444 (MTD-1 WG-1116)

Fuel:  Affordable Fuel Injection Custom GM TBI Closed Loop System (MoPar TBI Conversion Kit)

Ignition:  MoPar Performance Electronic Conversion, 35� timing (DCC-3690426)


Additional Truck Specifications:

Clutch: 11" 10 spline 1" by Brake & Clutch Exchange
Transmission:  New Process Transmission - NP435, 1st gear ratio is 6.68:1
Transfercase:  Stock New Process Transfercase - NP200 (1.96:1)
Front Axle:  Stock Dodge Full Floating Hypoid Axle with Tracta Joints, 5.83:1 with ARB Air Locker

Rear Axle:  Stock Dodge Full Floating Hypoid Axle, 5.83:1 with ARB Air Locker

Hubs:  Drive Flanges now, I was running Milemarker 11022-01 Selectro Classic Locking Hub
Wheels:  Custom MRW (Marsh Racing Wheels) Bead Lock Wheels
Tires:  PATAGONIA M/T by Milestar - 40x13.50r17LT's
(Pre Mid 2019 Tires: Super Swampers - IROK 39.5x13.50-17LT tires)
Brakes:  Helitool (Ugly Truckling) 1 Ton Disc Brake Conversion Front & Rear (GMC - MS, Calipers & Rotor)
Suspension: Stock leaf springs
Steering:  Saginaw Reverse Rotation Power Steering Box (Snake River 4x4 Style)
Accessories:  Warn 12,000# Electric Winch

My M's Height/Length/Width:  85"/188"/80"

35th Engineering Brigade, 1140th Engineering Battalion, Company C, Unit 53 - National Guard

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