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 - The M37 while Pop and Darrell (my brother) were inspecting it for me at the County Highway Department facility.  9/22/2004
 - The M37 loaded and ready for picture poses.  Darrell (my brother), Gabrielle (daughter # 4) and me (Will).  10/23/2004

 - The M37 loaded and ready for the trip north to my MI home.  Gabrielle loves not only the "Flat Fender" Power Wagons, but also loves the M37s as well.  Tried starting it before loading it up on the trailer, but no luck.  Did discover that the there must be a broken rear axel.  10/24/2004

 - Started the teardown process.  Pulling the front sheet metal off and repairing dents, dings, rust, etc...  10/30/2004
 - Continuing the teardown process.  10/30/2004
 - Left (Drivers) Door Bottom.  I think this repair is more that I'll tackle, at least at this point.  Now time to find a good door. 11/02/2004
 - Right Front Fender Rust Repair.  My first attempt of cutting out and filling back in a rust area where the sheet metal is welded over a heavy metal bracket for mounting.  11/06/2004
 - I've straightened the right headlight Grill Guard as best as i could (with the tools at hand).  Not bad, but i should have bolted the center grill in right side up before I too the picture.
  I've re-assembled (loosely) the front clip back on to check for all the sheet metal fixs I made before going any further.  Need to make an adjustment to the Right Front Fender, rear lower mount, as it's been bent forward, and now that the fender is properly curved, it was a tought fit, not to mention it's about an inch away from the running board.  Now to pull the front bumper off and start mocking up the winch mount for the Warn M1200.  11/21/2004
  Well I've figured out the Warn Winch Mounting and have it drawn and mocked up.  Here is a front view of the M37 with the Winch in Place.  11/27/2004
  A Side View Drawing.  11/27/2004
  A Front View Drawing of the Mounting Bracket on the M37.  11/27/2004
  A Front View of the Winch Mounting Mocked up on the M37.  11/27/2004
  A Side View of the Winch Mounting Mocked up on the M37.  Note Only the center Warn Winch Housing is included in the Mock Up.  11/27/2004
  A Front View of the Winch Mounting Bracket Mocked up on the M37.  11/27/2004
  Pulled and straightened both Rear Fenders.  11/28/2004
  Well, these screws won't go back in the truck.  These were the screws holding the front right drum to the hum.  Broke a 5/16" Crafstman screw driver trying to remove them.  Based on Paul (in NY) post on how the Dodge Shop Manual states how to remove them:  "The manual says to use a punch. Put the punch on the edge of the slot and whack it."  I used a center punch, and should have used a blunt end punch, but I did get them out.
  Removed the Bed Floor out of the M37.  There were a lot of screws, and they either had to be drilled and punched out or ground off and punched out.  Kept the outside pieces as a pattern for a new floor.  11/30/2004

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