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  Well I got some time to get a little work done on the truck this afternoon.  I've taken the kinks out of the bed rails.  Also got a little work done on the winch mounting bracket as well.  1/9/2005
  Here is the Donor engine, waiting in the rear of the M37.  1/16/2005
  After having pulled the donor V-8 and Transmission out of the 1968 W200 on Sunday, I now got the M37's engine and Transmission ready to pull.  1/17/2005
  The 318 V-8, Hydraulic Bell Housing, and NP435 Transmission waiting for the oil pan change and test fit into the M37.  1/29/2005
  The bottom end of the 318 V-8.  1/29/2005
  Close up of the bottom of the 318 V-8.  1/29/2005
  The M37, after pulling the 230 L-6 out.  1/29/2005
  A Left Side view of the 230 L-6 after having pulled it from the M-37.  1/29/2005
  A Right Side view of the 230 L-6 after having pulled it from the M-37.  1/29/2005
  First time to swing in the V-8 into the M37.  First "fitting".  2/4/2005
  I knew once I made my measurements that using the hydraulic Bell Housing I'd be into making adjustments to my front "Ugly Trucking" mounts, but looks Like I'm going to have to build my own.  Using the Hydraulic Housing, I'm mounting the Engine about 3.5" further forward that Ray's kits mount it with the mechanical housing.  2/5/2005
  I hope I don't have any Oil Pan damage from the axel housing!  2/5/2005
  Comparing the front of the original 230 L-6 to my 318 V-8.  Looks like I should test fir the radiator before going any further.  2/5/2005
  Engine in Position "5".  This should be the final location.  The front mounts are 1.375" further forward than the kit would mount it, but with the hydraulic bell housing, that's where I'll be.  Also the Transmission shift tower id 2" rearward from the M's stock location.  2/5/2005
  The part M and Part W200 Intermediate shaft.  Should work OK.  It's 3/4" longer than the stock shaft and mounts to the NP435.  2/5/2005
  Well, I pulled the Bed and Windshield off in preparation to disconnect the Cab and set it back for final engine bracket fabrication.  2/5/2005
  I've drawn the modified front and new rear engine mounting brackets, that I plan on using.  2/6/2005
  After building the above mounts out of wood, I tried a test fit, but had to remove some material, and am now on Version 6 of the mounts, but these fit.  2/10/2005
  Pulled the Cab from the Truck, and ready to do the final checks on the mounts before building them out of steel.  2/11/2005
  Rear view of the Engine and Intermediate shaft.  The shaft is close to being in line and straight.  2/11/2005
  A Close up with the wood mock-up mounts in place (and No they are not supporting the weight of the engine).  2/11/2005
  Side view of the Intermediate shaft   Once the engine front mounts are lowered the last 1/4" it should be better in line.  2/11/2005

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