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  I finally broke down and got the steel cut for the Engine Mounting Brackets.  One of the Local Steel Firms did the cutting,  I had asked for and paid for them to be plasma cut, but they cut them with a torch, and did a poor job.  They re-cut the two worse parts, but originally promised me some credit, but no are not giving me any.  I will NOT be going back to them and don't do any business with them  (The Ideal Group, Inc.).  I'll weld them together and then gat back to work on the Truck.  4/8/2005
  From Wood Mock-Up to Steel Parts.  I made one mistake (always remember to measure twice and trill once).  I'll have to either find someone with a mill to slot the miss drilled 5/8" hole or get out the torch and rat tail file.  4/9/2005
  They angle down a little, but not sure if that's due to the frame mounts or what.  In this photo there is no weight on the brackets so I know that's not it.  I think I will still make and install a "tie" to go between the bottom of both brackets to give it a little more strength.  As you can see the V-8 is not on the same centerline as the L-6, so I do have a drive shaft angle.  From the side the drive shat is a straight shot.  4-9-2005
  I used my torch and a file to slot the miss-drilled hole.  I was off by a 1/4".  Miss marked the location, my fault.  4-10-2005
  Here are the final brackets supporting the weight of the engine and holding it in my the location.  I then notched the frame on the drivers side to clear the exhaust manifold, and the Intermediate Drive shaft looks good as well as the engine angle.  The Intermediate Shaft has a 1/4" of slide in the slip joint, I will likely add a little more by shortening the male portion on the rear (M37) part of the shaft.  4-10-2005
  A nice day out, but got some work done in the garage on the M's front winch mount.  Need to drill the mounting holes in the plates and then weld them to the "V".  4-17-2005
  I've welded and mounted the "V" portion of the Mount to the M's Frame.  I still have a few mounting holes, but will need the springs removed before I can drill the holes on the bottom.  You can wee one of my Welds if you wish.  4-19-2005

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