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  Now that I'm back home after the May/June trips and fun I've started back working on the M.  Here is the winch, bracket and all fitted and ready for welding.  Also note the bumper and radiator.  Wow no work on the truck in three months!  7/9/2005
  After welding the winch and bumper and re-mounting the shackles, here is the almost complete installation.  Still need to drill the four front mounting holes out to 3/4" for the bolts.  You can see a lug nut on the upper passenger side showing how it will look with the 3/4" bolts.  7/10/2005

  Well I've got the winch, mount and plate down to a few small items left.  Still need to find some 3/4" x 1" fine thread bolts for the front attachment points so I can use the lug nuts.  Also got the Radiator to a shop so that the coil can be moved to the front of the upper tank.  It will receive new coils as well.  Four Seasons Radiator Service (248-585-6484) in Madison Heights, MI is doing the work.  I also ordered the Flex-a-lite Black Magic X-treme Electric Puller Fan, Model 180, to install behind the coil.  7/15/2005
  Here is another shot of the Winch.  I started stripping the parts, wires, and lines off the frame as well as removing the fuel tank.  Getting everything ready so I can have the frame sandblasted and painted for re-assembly.  7/16/2005
  I cleaned off the Transfer case and found a US Government Overhaul Tag.  7/16/2005

DATE: 7 70

  Well, the frame is almost completely stripped of parts.  Need to drop the axles and springs and remove the front bumper/winch and it's ready for the sandblasting and painting.  7/17/2005
  Well I got the radiator back from the Shop, and except for the fact that they didn't quite do what I asked it's close/.  I will have to take it back and get the mounting brackets out back in their original location for proper motor clearance.  Here is the Flex-a-lite fan inserted into position.  Not a bad fit!  Only about a 1/2" of open radiator at the bottom, and I suspect the seals will take care of that.  The modified radiator and fan should work very well on the M.  7/21/2005
  Pulled the Donor V-8 apart and it doesn't appear to be as bad as it first looked.  Now to get it to a shop and have it checked out, cleaned, honed, etc...  7/24/2005
  Got the Radiator back from the shop (Four Seasons Radiator Service in Madison Heights, MI) and dropped it into the M.  :Looks like I'll have 3/4" clearance between the fan and the water pump, but won't know exactly how much (suspect +/- 1/4" from the 3/4").  7/28/2005
  After cleaning off the NP435D I noticed that there was a yellow pain pen marking on the side.  Looked like the transmission had been replaced at some point.  There is very very little slop between the input and output shafts and the unit shifts fine, but I pulled the top off to look in and check it out.  I was surprised by the cleanness and the very little ware indication.  7/28/2005

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