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  I'm mocking up the Power Steering box in preparation for drilling the mounting holes.  Using the Snake River 4x4 as the guide and recommendation.  8/1/2005
  Dropping off the frame, axles and miscellaneous brackets/parts to be sand blasted tomorrow.  Using a local MAchine/Engineering shop, CSK Engineering.  Expect to be painting the POR-15 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then the re-assembly begins.  And of course more money for more parts will follow.  8/3/2005
  With the frame and axle back from the sandblaster, CSK Engineering, I've started the application of the POR-15.  I've got the Frame, and one sides worth of springs painted.  8/6/2005
  How for will one quart of POR-15 go?  Well I expected it to cover the frame in two coats, and it did. It not only did the frame in two coats but also gave the springs and front winch brackets one coat.  Still have to finish cleaning and painting the axles, and hope to have that done and them mounted back under the frame this week.  Then I still have the hubs and bakes to do as well as the other brackets that are still at the sandblaster.  Next weekend is the Woodward Dream Cruise, and I won't be cruising it in a Power Wagon this year though.  8/7/2005
  Test fitting the winch one last time before drilling the last four mounting holes in the bottom of the frame and tightening everything up.  The shinny frame makes the OD paint look pretty bad, oh well, it's about function, not looks.  I've now got all four springs re-assembled and installed on the frame as well.  8/8/2005
  Got the axles re-installed back on the frame.  The 2" blocks between the springs and axles along with the relaxed springs sure made a big difference in the stance.  Now to start pulling the wheels, hubs and brakes and install the Disc units.  8/11/2005
  The POR-15 makes it look too shinny for a trail truck, but that will soon be gone.  8/11/2005
  WOW, pulling the front axle joint housings apart and off was needed, but what a mess.  Also getting the Bushings and Seals out of the axle was a nightmare.  Looks like I will have to get someone to pull/press the other two Bushings out of the Knuckle housing as the simple plate tool I made can't get behind the bushing.  As for the rear brake plates, those 10 rivets were fun to drill and punch out.  By the time you get to the 10th one, you've got the process figured out, but you're done.  Now to get a few last moment parts and start putting it back together and the Helitool Disc Brakes installed.  Hope to get the truck back on wheels by next week so I can install the Engine and drive train.  8/14/2005
  Well, the cleaning, painting, and assembly continues.  Still waiting on some parts, but no shortage of work.  Hope to get the Engine back from the Machine Shop this week, but still need to drop the center sections and clean out the axles.  Started on the fuel tank as well, no sludge, but plenty of varnish.  Will need a full day to get it cleaned per the kit's directions (setting 2 hrs per side with the cleaner).  8/22/2005
  Pulled the Front Center Section tonight to clean out the excess grease.  Man, they must have pumped in almost a half a tune into the axle past the seals, what a mess.  I've cleaned the inside of the axle housing, and now to clean the center section.  Next comes the rear, but that job is to pull out the broken axle end, and decide if I want to do a Lock-Right installation myself.  8/23/2005
  Picked up the engine from the Machine Shop today.  Auto Parts Machine, Ann Arbor MI (734) 663-9381  8/26/2005
  Re-installed the cleaned front center section, and pulled the rear.  No real cleaning there, but now the issue of removing the broken axle piece.  Also started the cleaning process on the inside of the fuel tank.  8/27/2005
  Thanks to A P Bloom, Vaughn & Tim Way over at the Dodge Power Wagon Forum, I welded a section of threaded rod, and with a socket as a base and a nut and washer I was able to pull it out!  Looks like a mess, now to clean and inspect the carrier and gears.  8/27/2005
  The rear brakes are installed and the rear axle is all buttoned up again.  A Little more primer and the area is ready for top coating and use.  8/27/2005
  With the rear wheels installed and the running board brackets in Place I too a quick un-compressed spring measurement.  The middle of the running board is 29" off the ground.  Should only be 4" above stock, but won't know for sure until after the springs are carrying a full truck load.  8/28/2005

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