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  I got the Front axel all together with the Disc Brakes last night.  This morning I got the Power Steering Box in place and decided to check for any clearance issues with the new tires.  The stock Budd wheel is a 7" true back spaced wheel, and I was looking at going with an 8" for the new wheels to mount the 39.5x13.5R17 Super Swampers.  Here you can see where the Styrofoam representing the cross sectional width inside edge of the tire.  As the Tread width is 2.25" narrower the edge of the tread would be at the edge of the Styrofoam next to the existing tire.  So there should be no clearance problems.  9/3/2005
  The chassis is on wheels again.  I installed the fuel tank last night.  It's sealed on the inside and primed on the outside, both with POR-15 products.  I used a 16" bicycle tube to insulate the brackets and provide some ant-wear protection.  9/3/2005
  I've got to drill a couple of more holes to finish mounting the Power Steering Box, and a little more touch up work to do on the frame.  But other wise, it's ready for the Chassis Coat.  I only plan on painting the key areas that will be exposed to the sun, as I'd like to leave all the other places slick and shinny so that it will be easier to clean off the mud and dirt.  9/3/2005
  Got started on the Engine re-assembly today.  Tomorrow I hope to get it finished and cleaned ready to paint.  Then hopefully in addition to painting the chassis black on the frame I can paint the engine on Monday.  The harmonic balancer is not fully installed, as this is the cracked one, as I'm waiting on the one from Ron to arrive.  9/3/2005
  Finished the assembly of the engine today and here you can see it prepped for the cleaning before painting. I also finished drilling the holes for the Power Steering Box on the frame as well.  9/4/2005
  Here you see the Engine after the 1st coat of POR Hemi Orange Engine Paint.  It didn't cover as good as I expected on the 1st coat, so she will get a 2nd coat tomorrow.  What do you think of the "chrome" valve covers?  Looks like they could use a little polishing, Ha Ha.  9/5/2005
  Well, I sprayed a second coat of Hemi Orange, and I applied it a little heavy (OK one run on the oil pan), but now she doesn't look like a Pumpkin.  Now to let is cure/dry and hopefully get it installed next weekend.  9/6/2005
  Here are the way the new Brake Hose will route and mount from the caliper to the axel.  9/7/2005
  The New IROK Super Swamper Radial 39.5x13.5R17 (ROK-09) Tires arrived today.  Looks like I also found the Harmonic Balancer as well, it took a few more phone calls, but there is a Mopar Performance part that is supposed to be the correct one, so I will see when it arrives.  9/8/2005
  Well, the Mopar Part number that I got was still the wrong Harmonic Balancer.  So now I need to find a replacement.  Anyone have one?  It's a 318 V-8 Small block (LA) from a 1968 Dodge W-200 with the short water pump and Passenger side timing mark.  It's only 5" in diameter and has 6 Asymmetrical Pulley mounting holes.  9/10/2005
  Bent, Cut, Double Flared and installed the brake lines today, will get a coat of pain on them tonight.  Hope to actually get the engine installed tomorrow, I cut the boat roller into the correct length pieces today as well for the rubber engine/bell housing mounts.  Sure hope I can find a Harmonic Balancer or I'll have a truck that's all show and no go.  9/11/2005
  After destroying two traditional Pilot Bearings, and having the Machine shop installing one in and discovered by them forcing it in, the Transmission would not fit into it because it shrank as a result of the crank not having been properly machined, I figured out that the crank was only rough machined for a pilot bearing and was intended for an Automatic Transmission.  So, the solution, short of having to take the crank out and have it properly machined, was to install a Modern (94 and newer, part number BCA #FC69907, or Mopar # 53009180AB) Pilot Bearing that installs in the Torque Converter mounting portion of the crank.  9/15/2005
  After installing the new Pilot Bearing, I installed the clutch, bell housing and Transmission.  Here you can see it setting in my make shift stand for assembly purposes.  9/15/2005
  Well, the Engine is now mounted into the frame, and it fits, nothing changed size or shape since I pulled it apart for re-build and painting.  The Damper Doctor, has completed the repair on my Harmonic Balancer and it's on it's way back.  Now to work out the Alternator and PS Pump issues.  9/15/2005
  Here you can as I re-check all the modifications that I wound up with 0.75" clearance between the Water Pump and the Electric Radiator Fan.  Should be plenty and with the fan shroud and the engine mounted low I should get great air movement.  9/16/2005
  Looks like I might have found a way to use the 140 Amp Power Master Alternator.  I will need to build some spaces to move the old bracket forward about 5/8" and modify an portion of the valve cover lip to eliminate interference with the alternator.  Looks like the belt is very close to being straight and in line.  I still need to get replacement pulleys as I will need a double grove crank, and a single grove water pump.  I will only be using one of the alternator groves though, so I might wear out or slip belts under high alternator loads.  The 2nd lower grove on the crank pulley will operate the Power Steering Pump, that I will have to build a new bracket for to mount it at least 1" higher than it did on the '74 Trucks.  9/16/2005.
  I modified the Helitool Shift bracket to compensate for my transmission location, but may have over compensated, as the adjustment is all used up on the livers.  I will wait until I have the body on to be sure, and can still move it forward the 1" I moved it rearward with no work.  The levers all shift real nice, but wish I had more parking brake lever movement.  If I move the bracket forward to it's intended location there will be even less lever motion, so I'll have to see how it all looks/works.  9/18/2005
  With the cab in place, you can see the clearance I'll have between the motor and the firewall.  9/24/2005
  Here you can see the Cab setting on the Frame, the Explorer seat setting in place and the wood steering shaft holding the steering wheel in place.  9/24/2005
  Here you can see the differences in the flat greens.  The Bumper is Krylon OD Ultra Flat, and the Cab is PPG Flat Green.  We didn't like the darkness/grayness of the OD, but now that the Cab is painted Flag Green, it's too yellow.  I'll have to try one of the flat greens between the two to get the desired color.  Also the Paint job was just to see how the color looked and protect the Cab from any more rust while I work on it.  9/24/2005
  I modified the transmission tunnel cover to move the shift opening 2-1/4" rearward and 5/8" to the right to accommodate the V-8 and Hydraulic Clutch installation effects to the transmission location.  9/24/2005
  With the Cab setting in Place on the frame,  it's time to start planning and working out the Power Break and Hydraulic Clutch Pedal design.  Here you see the side, interior and Front view of the area.  9/25/2005
  I made a few more adjustments to the seat mount and position.  The inboard M37 track is moved inboard 2" and I have a 1" spacer between the rear of the seat and the track.  I will need to split the 1" to between the track and the body and the track and the seat in the end though.  The seat is from a 1999 Explorer.  I will also have to have the foam in the inboard side of the seat removed back even with the frame when I get recovered.  The distance between the bottom of the steering wheel and the seat ended up in almost the same position as the Ranger seat I put in Pop's PW.  9/25/2005
  Starting the planning on shape/size/location for the hanging Power Brake and Hydraulic Clutch Pedals.  9/26/2005
  Here are the Front and rear yokes that were on my M.  The one on the right was on the rear, and was a real bear to get off.  It turns out it was previously worn in the seal seat, and then was welded up and turned down.  They must have distorted the with the heat as it fits way too tight, and you can see where they drove it back onto the pinion shaft.  9/28/2005

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