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  Well, November ended and December started with little time to work on the truck.  However I did get my pedal pads installed as well as the Lokar Gas Pedal.  The gray letter paint won't last, but it makes the design stand out a little better for pictures.  12/17/2005
  I also got the shocks painted and installed as well as the drive shafts.  12/17/2005
  Also installed are the Selctro hubs.  The stick out past the bead lock, but not past the IROK tires.  12/17/2005
  Here you can see the seats, lap belts, brake booster and clutch cylinders  12/19/2005
  I completed the Fuel Tank Top and Pick-up's and installed it and the fuel gauge sender.  I also set the Cab on the frame and connected the Accelerator cable (a Lokar 24" braded cable).  12/21/2005
  Well, the process of routing and terminating wires has begun.  I've installed the right front fender and inner panel as well, to allow for fire wall location/mounting of some of the electrical components.  You can see the water proof fuse box and relay, as well as the Mopar Ignition box.  Immediately on the other side behind the glove box is the fuel injection controller (It's not as water proof as the rest of the items).  12/23/2005
  Here you can see the PS Pump in it's final position and the ~1/4" clearance between the belt and the lower radiator hose.  12/26/2005


Well, the wiring continues, as well as the assembly of the front of the truck.  Need to get glass installed in the front frames.  I've connected the brake lines and the clutch line, so I'm ready to fill and bleed the system.  I also uncovered the hood numbers, USA Army 201012036.  12/27/2005

  Well spent a good part of the morning getting and finding parts as well as dropping the windshield frames off for glass.  Picked up a few more parts this afternoon after leaving the eye doctor.  Sure was glad I have glasses, but having to replace them when you scratch the lenses is an aggravation, but worth it, not having any eye damage.  We had a little nice weather, so i rolled the truck out and swept the garage clean, so I took a couple of picture while I had it out.  12/28/2005

  Year End  12/29/2005

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