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  I got the lower grill shortened to clear the winch.  It looks pretty good and helps close out the front appearance.  I picked up the new brake master cylinder and the fittings and extra brake lines I need to switch the master cylinders out.  05/05/2007
  Started working on the bed today.  I didn't find the desired thickness of the piece of steel to re-make the rear cross member, I'll likely end up with a thicker than needed, but material availability sometimes dictates design.  05/06/2007
    I tried to install some "stock" Power Steering Hoses, but not enough room.  The Pump is too close to the exhaust manifold, and the steering bot is too sloce to my frame bracket.  I'll have to see if i can get some custom hoses built with tight right angle fittings.  05/11/2007


  Got the Bed Assembly started.  Wasn't able to get a piece of tube to replace the rear member, so I cut and welded/patched as necessary to make it usable.  Not a lot left of the floor, but enough to put the bed together.  I'll need to get a piece of sheet steel to fill in the center of the bed floor.  05/12/2007

  Got the other side of the bed together and on the truck.  I'll have to build some spacers to move the fenders 2" out so I don't catch the tires on the front lower lip of the fender.  05/13/2007

  Thanks to Paul (NY) I now have great brakes.  I replaced the 1-1/8" Bore Master Cylinder with a larger 1-5/16" Bore unit (BENDIX 11584 NAPA 39017).  I also replaced the Clutch Master Cylinder with a larger 1" Bore unit as well (Wilwood High-Volume aluminum master cylinder 260-6766).  I additionally added a proportioning valve to the rear wheels to prevent them from locking up too early.  05/18/2007

  After installing the new front shocks and the rear bed/fenders I decided it was time for one more clearance check.  05/19/2007

  Got the exhaust installed.  No cross over, but WOW what a sound!  I have a little more cam than I though, but she is now one sweet sounding ride.  05/23/2007

  Picked up and installed the custom Power Steering Pressure Hose.  A little tight and fun to install, but now I have POWER Steering.  The truck steered great before considering the tire size, but with the addition of the Power, it's now amazing.  05/24/2007
  Now that the Exhaust and Power Steering (as well as License) are on, I hit the road today for a short shake down cruse.  I've calibrated the Speedometer, and did a little "tuning (Timing and fuel mixtures), and she runs nicely.  Still needs some more "tuning" but she will cruse at 60 MPH nicely.  05/25/2007

  Got the center section of the bed floor installed.  Also did a little more seat time on the road and let Chuck (son-in-law) try his hand behind the wheel.  05/27/2007

  I finished up a little wiring, and cleaned up a few loose ends today.  I also dismounted the fuel injection computer, so I could hold it in my had while driving down the road and "tune" it.  I also installed the canvas top supports and glove box as well.  Lastly I made and installed by 2" rear fender extensions.  they are made of 14 gauge sheet metal 4" wide and 70" long.  Could of got by with 3" wide strips.  Oh I also went and saw Shrek 3 with Gabrielle.  05/28/2007
  This picture is for those who want to know what it looks like with out the Winch.  Actually I had to remove it to drain the radiator so I could replace the leaky thermostat gasket.  05/31/2007

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