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  Worked on a cloth top for a little rain protection.  Hope to not need it in Iowa, but just to be safe.  06/01/2007


Finished a few little items and checked things over.  Truck is basically ready for Iowa (I hope).  Did a little more driving, and the truck sure seems to like the fuel.  06/02/2007

  Loaded and ready for the 2007, 20th Vintage Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield Iowa.  2.5 years since and 16 months of work.  A lot of changes in that time.  06/05/2007

  2007 Vintage Power Wagon Rally.  June 6-9, 2007
  Courtney and I made it home safe and sound at Noon on Sunday.  06/10/2007
  In MO, after having found a little mud on the farm.  07/13/2007

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