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  Mounted the Tool Box Doors.  Thanks to Bill Lammers of Ocala FL for the new hinges installed on my old doors.  No I no longer have that convenient step into the front of the bed that the open tool box offered, Oh well.  1/12/08
  Fabricated a single stringer Bar to Windshield Frame brace to use when the Full Canvas Top Sides are installed.  Should probably consider some additional attachments to the rear portion of the over the door/window side frame though.  1/12/08
  I had the idea of building a off road style spare tire carrier tail gate like seen in the lower portion of this photo.  However after setting the tire in a position close to where it might reside, I'm reconsidering.  I like the look and idea, but after seeing how it blocks the rear view I'm now considering leaving the tail gate out all together, and will likely place the spare flat on the floor in the front of the bed.  I did look at mounting it vertical at the front of the bed where it would be expected to be mounted, but the 39.5" tire blocks way too much of the rear view.  1/19/2008
  The three simulated Mounting Heights of the Rear Winch.  Each height offers a potential location (elevation) to built the rear receiver hitch tube.  I'm looking at mounting the receiver tube flush to the bottom of the rear cross member (lower image), centered on where the pintle hook would mount (center image), or flush to the top of the rear cross member (upper image).  Mounting it below, would be more the norm, and be the easiest.  However I'm concerned with it dragging, and getting me hung up more.  The center would not be as strong but an option.  Mounting it above would be a little more work and some tight clearances to the bed cross member, but get the hitch and winch both up and out of the way.  However it would be a very long drop receiver hitch to ever reach a trailer if I desired to to one.  1/19/2008

  Well last night and today I fabricated the Hitch plate.  I went with the over the cross member to provide maximum clearance for the winch when off roading.  It's a little tight to install with the bed installed, but it can be done.  1/26/2008

The top picture collection is of the hitch as fabricated. I used existing bumperet and pintle hitch bolt holes for mounting, however I will need to drill two more holes vertically up through the hitch and cross member to secure it better from twist.  Drilling two 3/4" holes upward over your head is no fun, sure wish the bed wasn't installed.

The middle picture collection shows the hitch installed and with various items inserted into the receiver tube.  The pintle hitch sticks further rearward than stock, but it's not like I plan on using it to pull a trailer, just pull other folks out.

The lower picture collection shows the winch from several different angles.  You can see in the lower left image that most of the departure angle is preserved.  The winch bracket has a loose fitting 2" tube, and I think I might tack a couple of shims to it to take out some of the play, other wise it will wobble a lot when bouncing along the trail.

  Started fabricating the tailgate today.  Still need to fabricate the hinges before installing some sheet metal on it.  02/02/2008
  Finished welding and smoothing out the frame of the tailgate.  Also worked out the hinge design, and need to purchase a 1.125" ID tube and cut the attaching plates.  The cross bars on the side panel areas are there to reinforce that area when/if a four wheeler is loaded.  I will fill in the 4 small (8" x 14" areas with 16 gauge steel.  The large center area fill be filled in with a removable panel, so that I can use the tail gate if I wish with the winch installed and still haul a four wheeler.  02/03/2008

  Work continues on the Tail Gate.  Re-thinking the center section, not sure if I want a solid panel or a mesh panel.  02/09/2008

  Well Gabrielle and I took the Frankie (the M) out for a ride yesterday after returning from visiting the new Harbor Freight store that opened up just under an hour away. It was a nice day, and the temperatures were in the mid 40ís. After the engine missing that occurred the last time out, 10 degree day, I was eager to see if it was related to the extreme cold. Well to my dismay, when ever we would be cruising at road speeds (2,800 RPM and 55 MPH) the miss would occur, I could accelerate or decelerate and no problems. No issues when starting from a stop either. I have also noticed that the truck has seems to of lost some of itís ideal torque, as in order to start (1st or reverse) I have to give it a little accelerator or it dies.
Now Iím still fighting the tuning of the Holley TBI. And based on some of the posting Iíve read on the unit (I wish Iíd found them before I bought it), Iím thinking Iíve made a mistake. I should probably go to a good off road carburetor. I did pull a plug to see how it looks, and to my eyes it looks good, with a possible indication of High Speed Glazing (sudden combustion chamber temperature rise). If that is the case, then it could explain the missing, and I would need to replace the plugs with a colder ones. My current plugs are NGK V-Power GR4 Spark Plugs.
So now the question is do I need to go to a colder plug, or is the plug OK, and I need to give up on the Holley Fuel Injection? Any suggestions or Ideas, Help?  02/09/2008
  Fabricated and installed the Door Checks I made from 1" nylon Straps.  Doors open just over 90 degrees.  02/17/2008
  Well I have the hinges parts fabricated and ready to weld onto the tailgate.  02/24/2008

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