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  Finished a few prep items and checked the truck over in preparation for a return to the Bad Lands, and a Trip to Fulton MO and Flat Nasty.  I also mounted a CB Radio for use on the trials.  09/20/2008
  Fabricated and installed a passenger side mirror.  should be easer to back into the shop now, as well as see that side of the truck on the trials.  09/24/2008

  In order to help prevent breaking another exhaust manifold, I had flexible exhaust joints installed into the exhaust pipes.  Now I'll probably break something else tomorrow, but I won't worry about the manifolds.  I did hear from Auto Specialties Performance today, that my new crank pulley is headed to the platters to get anodized.  So it should be hear soon, and I'll get to see if speeding up the water pump will help keep Frankie cool.  09/26/2008

  Well Courtney and I are back from the Badland in Attica IN.  We rode with the Mid-Illini Jeepers, yes that let this old Dodge M37 ride along, and why not, since everyone keeps calling it a Jeep.  We had a great time, and meet some new friends.  One of the Jeeps tried to go through a mud hole, and didn't make it, so once he was pulled out I went for it.  Well I made it through the hole he got stuck in, no problem.  But the hole past it, well I should have gone for the deep part and taken the right.  But no, I went for the challenge.  Seems the entrance and exit were both vertical walls, and I would go back and forth, but not get out on my own (with out lockers).  I floated a lifter or two trying, but gave up and had one of the guys pull me out.  you can see the exit wall splash in the one photo.  One of the other guys decided to give it ago as well, he made the first hole, but the second one got him a little worse than it did me, it put him on his side.  I winched him back on all four, the pulled him out.  We had a lot of fun, and look forward to going back, or else were with the MIJC.  09/27/2008


A Short Video of the M on the rocks

  Well, I'm going to have to do something different with the Running Boards and Tail Lights, or give up the fun.  It seems that my longer wheelbase causes me to bottom out a little more on the boulders and ledges I drive over.  I'm also apparently partial to dropping the right side wheels into the deep mud, and while trying to un-stick myself, banging the tail lights into walls of dirt and mud.  Now to get things cleaned up, checked over and straightened up in preparation for next weekend in MO.  09/27/2008
  I've cleaned off the mud (and rocks), installed the fuel pump cut off switch, straightened the rear right tail light, and removed and straightened (mostly) the running boards.  09/28/2008

  The running boards are in much better shape, and back on the truck.  you can also see what I'm going to try for tail lights as well.  Mounting them inboard of the bumperettes.  I've also played with the placement of "rock Lights".  09/29/2008
  New "better" protected Tail Lights installed for the next trip.  I like the idea from Keith at the PWA Forum, of making a set of brackets out of pile in place of the factory brackets for the Gamma Goat tail lights.  I'll probably switch to that design in the future.  09/30/2008

  Well, I made it out again this weekend (2nd one in a row, and 3rd time this year!) and had a great time.  First was with the group at Don Scott's Vintage Truck Trail Ride on Friday at Potawatomi Offroad Park outside Fulton MO , and then Saturday and Sunday at Flatnasty near Salem, MO.  Mike Hernke with his wife and their M37, Jon & Jill, and several others were at Fulton, and we had a great day riding the trails on Friday.  Mike and I went down to Flatnasty on Saturday to catch up with Roger King. Roger had broke on Friday and was making a parts run when we got there. Mike and I ran several of the trails and had a great time, up until we got to "practice get it Billy", or also known as "The Ender", and Mike wiped out another locking hub, and then his steering, so we called it an evening.  Mark Yocum came down and he and I ran the trails on Sunday (Roger broke again the night before). The video is of me running up one of the extreme trails (#21), I went down it (the correct way) twice.  I have got to get a granny gear in the Tranny, and get the lockers installed!  10/03-05 /2008

My M37 going through the creek at Potawatomi Offroad Park

My M37 going up Extreme Trail #21 at Flatnasty (Exterior)

My M37 going up Extreme Trail #21 at Flatnasty (Interior)

  The new Crank Pulley arrived today from Lee at Auto Specialties Performance.  They did a very nice job in custom building exactly what I asked for.  The ASP Pulley (two different belt diameters) is on the Top and Left in the Photo's.  The brighter/smaller one is the March Pulley that was under driving the Water Pump and 140 Amp alternator.  The Power Steering Pump Pulley had to stay the small size for belt clearance, but I was already running a custom pulley on the pump, and was over spinning it.  this new ASP Pulley will now spin the water pump and alternator back up to stock speeds.  Now to get it installed, an new belt, and some hot weather to test and see if it solves the cooling issue.  10/14/2008

  I mounted the new Pulley, and all is well, now for the warm weather.  I also installed a High Idle Switch, for Auto, Off, and On, so I can better control the engine speed, and re-starts.  The truck is all back together and ready for the next outing.  10/16/2008

  Videos of my Dodge M37 at Dukes Off Road Ranch running with the MIJC at their Halloween Run

I had a great time running with the Jeeps from the MIJC, and Mark Y. in his V-8 Powered M37.  I did unfortunately find out that the new crank pulley didn't totally solve the high RPM overheating, and I also slipped the clutch some more.  10/25/2008

  Truck or Treat!  Happy Halloween, we took the M to the church's Trunk or Treat event.  10/31/2008

  Fabricated and Installed my Off-Road Flexible Fenders, hopefully no more fixing rear fender dents from traveling down the narrow Jeep trails..  Made from 1/4" x 12" wide x 71" long Grain Elevator Belting.  There are a few extra holes, but they should do the trick.  Will likely have to make a small bracket for both ends to keep the curve correct, as they curve in towards the tire at the ends.  It would be nice if they would take the Paint, will have to see what other types of paint are out there for Rubber and if It comes in the right color.  12/20/2008

  Installed the 12 Volt Wipers I picked up from ABLinn off of eBay.  Need to clean the wiring up with come sheathing, but they are on and functional.  12/28/2008

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