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  Picked up the Granny 1st Gear NP435 from Fleabag today.  It's from a 1965 Dodge and has the same 10 spline long input shaft I need.  The rear yoke is the smaller 3.5", so I will have to swap on my larger 4.5" from the M (68 W-200).  Code on the tag was:  250834 D-3  5 5 65 435.  Number on the casting was:  C-96041  A1.  You can see the gearing differenced by clicking HERE.  First gear idle speed will drop from the current 3.41 MPH down to 2.33 MPH in High Range and 1.17 MPH in Low Range, much closer to the stock M speed of 2.17/1.09 MPH.  My crawl ration will be 77.5.  Now to start the cleaning, new gaskets, and fresh paint so I can swap it in.  02/22/2009
  This morning I dropped the drive shafts and transfercase and started cleaning the oil off of it in preparation for new seals and some fresh paint.  No work this afternoon though.  02/28/2009


Well, after pulling the right rear axle, it looks like I was wheeling on borrowed time.  Seems the shaft had started to twist.  The two sets of wear marks are from when the axle had loosened up on me one over the summer.  The damage probably happened when I tried to do the Mud run.  Pulled the rear center section and Tranny as well.  Started the cleanup of the Transfercase, and removed the seals.  I was actually able to get the shifter seals out in one piece!  that however wasn't true for the drive flange seals.  5 seals installed, and will pick up the sixth one tomorrow.  Then I need to start on cleaning up the new (to me) tranny and get it painted and ready for it's new seals.  Not sure what I'll do about the clutch.  Seems I have a real odd ball.  10 spline 1".  the 10 spline clutches I find are all 1.125", and the 1" are all 23 spline.  03/01/2009


Visually not a lot done today, but Gabrielle and I went on a 5 hour parts run of fun.  Actually Jon and Jill told me about a clutch shop in Springfield (IL) that had done a clutch for them (also a 1" 10 spline).  The guys at Brake & Clutch Exchange were able to put me together a high performance clutch, swapped out the pressure plate and provide a new through out bearing and alignment tool while we waited (OK we went and had lunch).  Not the cheapest trip, but I could get it done in one trip (55 miles away).  Also picked up the other Transfercase seal and got it ready to go back in (installed the cotter keys after the photo).  Also did some under body gear oil removing (cleaning), further cleaned the new tranny and changed the engine oil and filter.  03/02/2009
  Got the new Exhaust.  Well not for the M any way.  So yesterday and today while waiting on parts to arrive, I've been running conduit and wires in the Shop, and installing the new 5" exhaust on the RAM.  Oh well, hope the gaskets and seals arrive tomorrow for the Tranny. I sure hope to get it and the T-Case installed on Friday.  I hope to also start on the ARB's tomorrow.  Borrowing a dial indicator from the neighbor for that job.  03/04/2009
  Well, the new bolts arrived, but not the NP435 gasket set.  So not a lot of work on the M.  I did get what I could painted on the tranny with the gaskets.  I also pulled the one Selectro locker that would not turn.  It turns out the O-Ring had failed and let muddy water in, and well, it has seized.  So It's disassembled and soaking for a cleaning.  Oh, for those who are aware of my Holley problems, I broke down and got the O2 Kit.  I installed the O2 sensor today, on a 1953 model truck, oh well I hope it helps.  Not the easiest place to weld (with out removing the exhaust).  I cleaned the gear oil off the drive shafts, and discovered I'd spun the rear shaft against something at one point.  It now had a dimple ring/grove (not gouged) all the way around it.  Didn't get he dial indicator, so ordered one from Grainger, I'll have it tomorrow, still lots of time right?  03/05/2009


Well, based on Paul's advice I fabed a set of legs to hold the center section up right.  Man was that a great idea, Thanks Paul.  I started the disassembly, and found some surface pitting on the race (cup) and on the rollers on the bearing (cone)  This was in addition to the known pitting on the ring gear.  The pinion gear was in great shape, and it's tight and no play.  Based on the findings I plan on installing new bearings and building this differential for the front.  I'll pull the front unit next, to see what it looks like, but in reviewing the pictures from 2005, It's ring gear didn't show any pitting.  If that's the case, the pitted one will work well in the front, as it's only used at low speeds.

The inside of the new tranny looked good, and felt smooth and tight.  I did discover that it's rear housing was not machined correctly, and left a gap between the rear seal and the yoke on the passenger side, thus explaining why the old seal looked oddly worn.  So I pulled the rear tail housing off the old tranny and installed it.  It was much better, but not perfect, tighter on the bottom, and looser on the top, but no gap.

With Jason's help (son-in-law #2), I got the transfercase and transmission both installed back in the truck.  Filled both with oil, and did a little fine tuning of the clutch.  Sure could use more travel in the slave cylinder, but all is good, just not a lot of room for misadjustment.  03/06/2009

  Disassembled the front axle today.  What a greasy job.  Was pleased to see the right axle inner splines weren't twisted like the rear was.  The Front Center Section (differential) looks good.  I'll swap the front and rear once I get the ARB's installed.  In addition to the Selectro showing some corrosion from the water that got in, the bearings (on the right front) also show some corrosion.  So while I have it apart, I'll replace them as well.  03/07/2009
  Not a lot of work today, but I did decide on the mounting location for the ARB Air Pump, and I also routed the air line for the rear locker, and Pump wiring harness.  03/08/2009

  The needed bearings and new Foote Axles (for the right rear) arrived from Charles at  M-Series Rebuild.  I installed the Bearings on the ARB Carriers tonight and start the re-assembly of the center section that came out of the rear.  You can see in the one picture, the relief that has to be done to the rib in the center carrier to clear the ARB.  I worked until I realized I didn't have the necessary 1/4 NPT Tap, so off to the store tomorrow.  03/13/2009

  Finished the assembly of the Center Section from the Rear that will go into the Front.  The ARB is installed and the Back last is 0.005" to 0.009" with a block spread of 0.010".  Routed the air line out a little further rearward than the instructions showed, so as to clear the brake lines.  The front is completely back together.  The right side Selectro was sent off for Warranty, so a Drive flange is installed until it is returned.  I also started tearing down and installing the ARB into the center section from the front that will go into the rear.  03/14/2009


Frankenstein Lives Again!  I finished the Rear ARB differential, and have its backlash between 0.006" and 0.007".  I tested the ARB's in the shop after the install and they work correctly, now to really test them in the wild.  While installing the rear driveshaft I discovered where the dimple ring/grove I found on the 5th came from.  Apparently I'm able to flex the old truck so much the drive shaft hits the rivet head on the cross member.  And I have a 1/2" block between the springs and axle.  So I installed the drive shaft with the slip yoke at the axle end this will place the rivet in the narrow are of the axle, just as I had to do in the front.  The truck seems to have a little less gear noise, and seems to run fine.  I need to get used the 3rd gear in this tranny, and it required a little more sideways pressure.  The truck seems to indeed crawl a little slower, but not as slow as I anticipated.  I was able to stop at the base of my dirt pile, place it in 1st, and idle over it.  Now to finish the install and get ready for the 28th.  Still need to modify the tranny tunnel and re-install it, and as soon as the switches and switch plate arrives, install them, as well as a small laundry list of other things.  0315/2009

  Finished the ARB Installation by installing the switches.  I fabricated a new under steering column trim plate and installed the switch plate and additional switched I bought from OTRATTW.  This may not be the best location for visibility, but it was the simplest location with out hanging them under the dash.  I switched the backup and Driving Lights to the new switched and have an additional switch for additional "navigational" Lights.  03/20/2009


When I relocated the shift tower hole in the transmission tunnel originally, I was off a little and missed needing to move it upward to allow the shifter boot to be installed.  When I pulled the Cover to swap transmissions I discovered that the right side also had rubbed the cover.  So I redid the cover completely rather than just moving the hole again.  I opened up the original hole to clear, and built new panels to enclose the shift tower, and fir the boot.  In order to fit the NP435, I installed the tunnel boot over the transmission boot.  03/21/2009
  The M all loaded and ready for next weeks trip to Dukes for the Offroad Ranch Trail Clean Up with the MIJC.  03/22/2009
  I have got to give a big recommendation on the Selectro Warranty to Milemarker.  I called, got the Return Goods Order (RGO) Number and shipped the Hub to them on the 13th, and it arrived back today repaired and in great working condition!  Selectro Locking Hubs Warranty is wonderful.  Also Thanks to Tom at Snake River 4x4 for helping me find my Receipt.  03/25/2009

  The MIJC annual cleanup weekend at Duke's Offroad Ranch ended up cold and wet. We had 18 vehicles (17 Jeeps and My M), however we had a Spring time winter storm roll in. Cold wet rain with snow supposedly to follow. We got in a little trail cleaning but the trails were too slick to safely keep going. My pore old M just could not make the tight turns, and I didn't get stuck, but I didn't have to be pulled out. I did have to winch my front end around a tight corner though. The M did get a good work out pulling out Trucks, Trucks with Trailers, and Trailers out of the past area we parked in. But thankfully, my RAM was one of the very few that didn't get stuck, if did get a little muddy. The truck performed well, the lockers were great as was the granny transmission. However giving her hell (5,000+ RPM) getting traction up the one hill, she overheated and I slipped the new clutch some. Not sure what's the deal, maybe I've got too much power, I doubt it. 03/28/2009

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