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  Loaded and Ready for Flatnasty with the MIJC.  04/09/2009

  Back from a great trip with the MIJC Club to Flatnasty on MO.  We had 15 Jeeps and my Dodge.  My brother was fortunate enough (for both of us) to join me on this outing.  Thanks to him I have some great action pictures.  The first night there (Thursday) was a little wild, we had a bad storm bearing down on us, but fortunately it weakened some before hitting us at the Trailer park.  Darrell arrived during the storm having found the us by luck, as there is no cell phone reception there.  Good Friday was still cool and wet as mist/light rain still came down.  The park is mostly rock and gravel, so trail riding was still great.  Saturday was much better with clear skies and warmth.  The M performed great.  I had aired the tires down to 12 psi front and 10 in the rear, and hardly had to use the ARB air Lockers.  The lower gear ratio with the larger tire contact patch made for some great slow crawling and climbing.  WOW what the heavy old truck will do!  I tackled Black Diamond Trail 21 again with much more easy.  We also went down several others with great success in following the Jeeps.  The rock crawling was fun, but a little hard on the underside.  No major damage that I've discovered, yet.  Drug both drive shafts and managed to drag the frame, tranny and exhaust against the rocks.  Thankfully the added flex joints to the exhaust prevented any damage to the exhaust manifolds.  The running boards, will defiantly need a future solution.  All in all, a great weekend and a great time by all.  I want to thank the MICJ club for their continued great events, food and friendship.  Also Thanks Darrell for coming and enjoying the fun.  04/10-11/2009

  Oil leaks at the Transfercase Yokes, some seepage around the housing gaskets, but looks like most of the oil is from the yoke to shaft spine interface. Looks like I have what is typical, oil will leak down the splines & come out around the nut. Thanks to Charles Talbert (at M-Series Rebuild) the fix is: Tightening the nut will not stop it, but this will; remove the nut & the flat washer from the shaft. Wash off all oil residue with aerosol brake cleaner & dry with compressed air. Run a nice bead of high quality silicone RTV around 1 side of the washer, install it onto the shaft carefully, silicone side first along with the nut, blue lock-tite on the threads is a good idea. Torque the nut to spec. The silicone will compress into the end of the splined shaft under the washer. 04/15/2009

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