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  Well I'm home from the 22nd Annual International Dodge Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield Iowa.  Had a great time and enjoyed it all.  3 of the 4 days I spent some time at the Kerr Farm, and with the weather changes, the trails changed as well, which was great.  The WC's tried to cut a new trail right where a tree stood, and this time the tree was large enough to win.  Roger made it out with Elmo and Pieter even got to drive it!  There were some beautiful trucks, as I've posted a few of my favorites here.  We had a special visit by a Chrysler Engineer who brought out a test unit of the 2010 Dodge Power Wagon.  In addition to giving us a good luck, we also got some demonstrations. this year with lower air pressures in the tires, I did even better on the articulation Ramp.  Oh I also came in 3rd at the teeter board competition with a time of 31 seconds!  (hope to get a picture from someone of that)  Running through the swamp was fun, it was over 24" deep as evident by my submerged exhaust pipe.  I'm not sure how many days or weeks it will be before Mike can wipe the grin off his face, but he had a great time at the Kerr Farm, ask him about if you see him  Odometer started out with 1,406 miles, so I went 101 miles and 27.6 gallons for 3.7 MPG!.  06/14/2009

  Iowa Pictures from Pieter Makana Vliet, Thanks Pieter!

  Well, after 2 hours knocking off all the bug stuff, and 2 hours of pressure washing, I found I still had 45 min. more of power washing to get it this clean.  It's not spotless, but much cleaner than it was.  06/15/2009

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