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  I was invited to bring the M to the Mt. Zion IL Veterans War Memorial Charity Car Show held at the Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum.  The M isn't show material, but because of the great cause and purpose of the show the truck was appropriate to take.  I cleaned her up a bit and put a half dozen picture out with it to show why the M isn't spit shined and has some "trail" damage.  I got a front and center spot, as the only other military vehicle at the show was a Civilian Humvee (H1).  There were 318 vehicle displayed and a lot of money was raised for a great purpose.  My neighbor (Mac) had his Dodge "War Bird" on display.  It's built from a 2 ton grain truck (and GM drive train) and outfitted like a plane, with great sound effects and all.  There was also a beautiful old Dodge Pick up at the show.  07/18/2009

  Gabrielle joined me for her first Off Roading Adventure.  We went down to Dukes with the MIJC and ran the trails for about 4 hours with 5 Jeeps.  She had a blast.  I asked here while riding one of the trails what was the scariest part, and she said the worm on her finger.  Her only complaining (other than the bugs) was there wasn't enough mud.  Sounds like I might have another off roading co-pilot in the future, I look forward to her going again.  I did find a nice pair of trees in the playground area coming down one of the hills that did a great job cleaning the mud off the sides of my tires (on both sides of the truck at the same time).  As for damage, other than the typical front fender damage (I'm getting tired of fixing), I did manage to have a lock out hub fail, and break a steering box mounting bolt (that unknowingly made steering difficult).  07/19/2009
  4 new Grade 8 Bolts are now holding the Steering Box to the bracket.  When I pulled the three non-broken bolts out two were easer to get out than I expected.  On the broken bolt installed a nut and lock washer on top to jam nut it from loosening, since there isn't enough clearance to have a lock washer under the head.  I had to file the rough spots off the drag link, and I also ground a little off the bolt head after installing it to ensure a little more clearance.  08/03/2009
  No, that's not me, that's Mark Y. Went with the MIJC back to Dukes and, well I only got an hour's worth of wheeling, Thanks Jon M. for letting me experience a ride on the trails in a Jeep, even if part of it was dragging the side down the gully. I believe I broke a front axle Tracta Joint. I'll need to pull it apart to confirm it, but I'm sure that's what broke on the front right of the M37. No hard running today, and it made some noise, but fortunately I was taking off on the trail from a dead stop when it let go. It locked up the wheel so I had to pull the flanges to let the wheels roll. However I could not turn right as the joint was in a bind and preventing steering movement. Had to lock the front axle in and roll back a little then forward to get it out of the bind so I could steer. I was able to get off the trail and back on the trailer in rear wheel drive high range. Wondering if I missed anything during the winter teardown or if the lockers added that much extra stress for as little and gently I've been using them. I only use them when needed and not at high speeds, and not engage (turned on) when it's under a load. Oh well something else to work on. Now to get it apart and get parts and get it back together for the Labor Day weekend. 08/15/2009

  I moved a few things around in the shop to get the M back and besides the two PW's, so that the remaining running trucks (W500 and 3500) could park in the front and not be blocked in.  I pulled the right front axle, and I did indeed destroy the Tracta Joint.  It looks like possible one of the "C" ears of the inner axle let loose first, then the other and one of the outers let go next.  Still cleaning the axle housing, but some scrapes and gouges.  The major scrape/grooving goes 7/8's of the way around and was likely done when I came to the stop.  The bronze bearing in the spindle was wore on the face that mates to the axle side surface.  The bearing was installed new, so I'm not sure if it caused the joint failure, or is a result of the joint failure.  The axle housing bronze bearing has a cut into it from the broken axle.  So so for I will need a complete axle assembly and two new bronze bearings.  08/16/2009

  Well, I pulled the remaining front axle, and both rear axles out.  The front showed some signs of (previous to me I believe) wear.  The right rear Foote Axle looked great as did the left stock axle, but I installed the newly received left Foote Axle.  I have NOS front axles on their way, so she will have four new axles in when she's back on the road.  These pictures show the left inner (top) and left outer (bottom) axle Tracta ends.  08/18/2009

  The NOS front axles, seals and bushings arrived from Midwest Military today.  I also have a spare Right NOS axle on it's way from Sid Beck.  Re-Assembly now begins.  08/20/2009

  Well 6 days later, the truck has two NOS front axles, and two Foote Rear Axles as well as new front axle tube seals and bushings, replaced right spindle, and right hub bearings and races and seal.  Thankfully UPS delivered the new bolts from McMaster-Carr and bearings and races from Alex Nash at Nash Lift Truck Supply Company this afternoon, the last parts I needed to complete the job.  It's amazing how tight the new Tracta Joints are (yes I cleaned the protective coating off).  With out grease they were snug, when I greased them they were actually tight to get together.  I was unable to put the Selecto Lock-out Hub on the new axles, as it was way to tight on the splines.  The drive flanges went on with no problem though.  Everything turns and seems to work correctly and no noise at all.  I still need to install the new Power Steering Pump and PS Oil Cooler, should get that done tomorrow.  08/21/2009


Installed the new (remanufactured) Power Steering Pump and the Flex-a-lite Cooler.  I also switched back to my original belt length which sets the pump orientated better but puts the belt closer to the lower radiator hose.  I placed a piece of PVC pipe around the hose to shield it from potential belt damage.  08/22/09

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