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Was running with the Jeeps from the MIJC again, and had a great time.  We went to Washita Offroad Trails, and this was my first time there.  The place is great.  A lot of rocks, boulders and gravel.  It rained both nights, but the trails were great even after the rain.  Lots of challenges and I look forward to returning.  We started with 6 Jeeps and my M.  We ended with two Jeeps, and my now noise M.  One of the Jeeps went home after one day of wheeling, and three of the Jeeps suffered difficulties, one Fuel pump, one blew both front axle U-Joints, and one a broken front spring.  My M suffered another broken exhaust manifold, this time the drivers side.  Came down on a rock again, and smashed the exhaust flat to the frame and snapped off the end of the manifold.  I've got to find a better way to route the M's exhaust outboard of the frame rails, as there is no way to get them both past the transfercase.  Perhaps my truck needs taller tires to get better boulder clearance?

In the third Photo, you will see the "base camp" in the distance between the two guys on the rocks.  That's about 1.5 miles away as the crow flies.

Pictures 7 and 8 are of the Creek Trail where I busted the exhaust (Video 08)

Pictures 9 through 12 are of the Waterfall where Jim broke his front axle U-Joints (Picture 13)

I've uploaded a few videos as well they are below this text.  09/05-06//2009


Washita Video 01

Washita Video 02

Washita Video 03

Washita Video 04

Washita Video 05

Washita Video 06

Washita Video 07

Washita Video 08

Washita Video 09

Washita Video 10

Washita Video 11

Washita Video 12 

  I looked over the underside, and might be able to snake the exhaust past the Transfercase on the passenger side, and not have to cross the frame trails.  Where I was crossing the frame at, just rearward of the front shackle, I had 19" of ground clearance, but have found I'm dragging the frame and cross members at times.  I would end up with a different of mufflers, as there is no room to package the HushPower II's inside the frame area.  I might also drop the exhaust diameter from 2.25" down to 2" (would 1.75" work?).  09/08/2009
  I picked up the left Exhaust manifold from the same place I got the right one, and it's the last one they had.  It's now cleaned, painted and ready to be installed.  Still trying to decide where I'll route the pipes though.  09/14/2009

  Worked on the M this morning to install the new Left Side Exhaust Manifold.  Man, I needed a little larger frame notch, I had to unbolt and jack up the engine to get it through the opening, and it's a snug fit with this manifold having those two lower ribs.  I cut out the smashed up and torn section of the exhaust pipe.  Now to install a simple cheap flexi pile in the gap until I find a long term solution.  09/18/2009

  I installed a section of flex pipe between the manifold down pipe and the muffler inlet.  It's routed the same as the flex coupling and hard pipe that I ripped and crushed on the rocks, but this should fail before destroying another exhaust manifold.  09/20/2009
  Did a little relief cutting on the manifold ribs today with a rotary tool.  Also connected the extra hanger to compensate for the flex pipe, so the exhaust is all back together, for now.  09/21/2009

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