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  The RZR loaded in the back of the M, and the M loaded on the trailer hitched to the Megacab.  Ready for a trip to the MO property  11/12/2009
  Hunting wasn't that great, as it was too warm for the deer to move, but did get the logging roads cleared, and found two new ones.  11/15/2009

  It's amazing how fast I banged up the flex-pipe I installed to repair the exhaust.  After a little logging road riding and over some logs/branches I've already banged it up.  I've also installed the LED back-up Lights, they are better protected being flat, and inboard, so I home I don't break these expensive lights.  11/19/2009

Made a trip to the MO property to show Brittaney, Jason, and Isabelle the property.  Took the M and an extra set of seats so we could ride the logging roads.  Everyone enjoyed the ride, and have a little video of the current roughest logging road.  This was also the first time Collette went "off roading" in the trucks with me as well.  Previously she rode with me in the RZR across the property as her first time "off roading".  11/21/2009

Video of the Inner Corner Logging Road from inside of the M37

Video of the Inner Corner Logging Road from outside of the M37

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