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The 2010 National Dodge Power Wagon Rally - Iowa 2010

Well I had another great time at the Rally.  Good Food, Good Friends and Good Times, and as always an adventure.  This year was wetter than most, but we had fun again at the Kerr Farm, playing in the woods and mud.  I broke a tail light coming down one steep hill, and managed to have another Holley TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) go out this year.  I'm not sure why they fail, but thinking they might not be able to stand up to the heat.  This TPS went out on the way to the Kerr Farm, and I quickly changed it out on the side of the road, good thing I carry a spare and a Swiss Army knife.  The first five pictures are from Jay's collection.  the next three are from Ewa's collection  VPW quickly built from scratch a Teeter Board in a Day and we gave it a try.  It worked, but needs some fix's.  I balanced, but the board was not level.  Ron did manage to get it to balance level with Taylor's WC though.  The Kerr Farm Swamp was a little deeper then last year, and lots of fun.  The "mudders" as most refer to the WC's (Jason, Bruce & Butch) were there a week early and having lots of fun.  Mark brought his M37 again this year as well.  I guess you noticed the front end damage, well it was one of those stupid mistakes.  Butch was ahead of me in his WC, and he made it to the bottom of a steep muddy hill and was turning to clear, so I started down. As I ducked under the limbs and looked ahead I saw Butch was not able to make the turn to clear the bottom. Well there was no stopping and no control of where the M was going, so your in for a ride. Butch had no where to go, so he set tight and waited for the impact. We hit, not real fast, but the weight and the slide did some damage. Nothing major, all repairable. It didn't even brake the light, just popped it out and bent the housing. Now to make the repairs.  One of the highlights of the weekend was Jon proposing to Jill, yes he proposed and she accepted.  06/10-12/2010

  Well I took a little time to straighten the front body, knock out the hood, straighten the grill and fix the KC Light.  Not too bad, there is still some dents in the hood, but not bad enough for me to take it any further.  06/16/2010

  As a preventative maintenance I pulled the drive flanges, and found some water in the right side.  So I pulled the hubs apart and the axles out for inspection.  Not a lot of water, and it might have gotten in from the pressure washer rather than while driving through the swamp, as there wasn't any mud evidence.  The right Tracta Joint had a little more play than the left, and depending on how you measure it, either slightly in or out of the Mil Spec tolerances.  As the axles were NOS in August of 09, I'm assuming it's just the way the set was made, as I see no wear.  06/18/2010
   Happy Independence Day 2010!
  July Family MO trip  07/25/2010

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