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  This picture is from our recent family trip to "Green Acres" and show's the M down on a gravel bar at the Black River.  10/10/2010



It was time for the MIJC Duke's Halloween Run.  Had a great time as always, with minimal damage.  Except for having to be pulled back from a tree when the steering acted up while going down a hill, I drove out of everything I drove into on my own.  Broke a Shock first thing, checking my flex on the articulation ramp. Scored a 98 on a 25 degree ramp, but had a shock puke oil. After all the ramp use in Iowa and frame/suspension testing I've done, not sure why the shock decided it had traveled too for, I guess I need even longer shocks.  Then had another tail light lenses brake off (darn departure angle), then the glass in a mirror, then (yes I know that's a lot of then's) found a broken bead lock bolt (just one). Only other issue was the previous mentioned steering box that didn't want to let me turn sometimes.  I might be having a box failure, as it doesn't seem to stress the linkage when I hit the hard turn point but does cause the pump to squall.  10/23/2010

  In the first picture you can see the length differences in the new front shocks as to compared to the ones I had installed when I blew one on the RTI ramp.  The new shock is a Monro Gas-Magnum 60 #66891 (16.375/26.75) while the old one was a  Monro Gas-Magnum 60 #66707 (16.0/25.5).  The new shock is 3/8" longer when compressed and 1.25" longer when extended.  Now as long as I don't blow these out.  In the second picture you can see the new Saginaw Power Steering box and NOS Pitman Arm (as well as the new shocks installed).  The new Pitman Arm won't engage more than about 1/2 of the steering box shafts splines, and doesn't leave enough room for the lock nut.  11/29/2010

  The M is all back together, with a new(er) front drive shaft slip yoke installed, New Front Shocks, Pitman Arm, Steering Box, and the front right tracta joint inspected.  All should be ready for winter as I've also installed the soft top, and now need to fabricate a defroster duct.  12/06/2010

  Completed the defroster duct.  It's made from 1.5" PVC, and feed through two 1.25" hoses connected to my 40K BTU heater located under the drivers seat.  It has 52 - 1/4" holes on a 45 degree angle.  12/15/2010

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