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  No riding or driving yet this year.  I spent January getting the engine swapped in the 1949 Power Wagon, and am now working on a Tub Swap on my brothers CJ7.
  Well I've finished the Tub Swap for my brother's CJ7, and changed oil/filter and lubricated the M today in preparation for some fun in March. 218.8 hours and 2,043 miles on the clock at this service.  2011-02-23

  The hosted a Trail Creation/Clean-up Weekend at Green Acres for the MIJC.  We had 4 Jeeps, my M37 and a Dirt Bike and ATV.  Attending were Bill, Fraser, Jeff, Jon & Matt.  My brother and his farm hand helped me open up two trails before the gang arrived, and then we opened up two more.  I now have a moderate rock crawl spot, and some nice ravine down and ups.  We had a great time, good food, and good riding.  Only major brakeage was my camera.  While repairing a broken ARB locker line my camera fell out of my pocket, and I proceeded to run over it.  It still takes pictures, I just don't have a screen to see them, or any menus.  Also thanks to Jeff for some great pictures, several of I have included here.  Weather was great with a slight shower each evening as we gathered around the bond fire.  I drove the M 50 miles for the week, and averaged a whopping 2.8 MPG!  2011-03-20

  Took the M to the MIJC July 4th event down at Dukes.  Had a great time, but didn't get any pictures (wonder why).  Here are some from a few of the others who attended, you can see more on the MIJC WEB Site.  2011-07-03

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