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  The MIJC Labor Day outing was moved to Dukes Off Road Ranch, and a great time was had by all.  The trails were all fairly dry on Saturday, and we were able to make it through almost every trail.  I got a little rear tire air again going down the one gully like I did back in October (picture here) but no one caught it on film.  I also went up Widow Maker as it was dry enough to crawl up it with out bouncing off trees.  2011-09-03

  We had a great long family weekend at our place in MO, Green Acres.  Weather and colors were perfect.  Ran all the open trails, and even down as for as it was clear, on a couple of new ones I'm working on.  On Sunday Phil and Morgan brought over there newly acquired Toyota over for it's first off-road run.  The little truck did great, and only needs a little door adjustment and idle work.  I did have a little clutch and shifting issue while there.  Apparently the stock linkage adjusting lock nut vibrated and caused the linkage to go out of adjustment and not let the clutch fully disengage.  I made a semi-quick adjustment while there, but am still having some issue shifting into 2nd, it's stiff and hard to get into that gear from time to time.  Once home I've added a jam nut and re-adjusted the linkage and as soon as the Lucas Synthetic 50 wt. Trans Lubricant arrives, I'll pull the top and see if anything sticks out as being an issue.  2011-10-10

  My new Lucas Synthetic 50 wt. Trans Lubricant arrived today, so I drained the old 90 wt. gear oil and pulled the shift cover off. The oil in the bottom was a little dark, but the oil up on the gears and all was clean. Only a little metal on the drain plug magnet, no water or anything else.  Everything component wise looks good in the shift cover and the tranny inside. I played around with manually placing it into 2nd. Based on what I see, the spring loaded component (between the two left upper gears) has some pins that ride in the right gear, and it looks like it may me moving too for the left (rearward in vehicle), allowing the tapered part of the pins to permit it to bind while they slide into the gear. Not sure, but I can't find any other issues. I cleaned the oil out of the bottom, and will re-fill it before I re-install the top and put her all back together and enjoy the fun some more.  2011-10-14

  Double checked everything and can't find any obvious issues.  In the first picture you will see the "Second Speed Syncrhonizer Brake" pin that mates to the second speed gear.  You can see the tapered portion of the pin, and the hole in the gear.  This is the alignment/binding I believe I'm feeling. As long as you take your time and don't force it, the shifting works fine.  Everything is back together and time will tell if I continue to have any significant issues.  2011-10-15

  Had another great trip to WASHITA Off-Road Park, near Farmington MO.  I felt a little outnumbered when I first arrived, as the Midwest Jeepthing was there in force.  From the MIJC, was Me, Bill, Tom and Al (and Kat), so an M and three Jeeps.  I managed to slide off a rock and into a tree, and had to winch away from it to prevent further damage (I did bang up the door).  The only other damage I know of is further butchering the running boards.  I'll have to pull the passenger side off to be able to open the door.  We arrived at the knob late in the day due to some blocked trials, and a failed attempt of ascending B-8.  Bill made a great go at it, but we weren't going to get to the top that way.  I look forward to the next trip back.  2011-11-05

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