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  Having finally put my tube bender together, I started making the new stronger running boards with skid plates for the M37.  The Bender is the Pro-Tools 105 with a the Copperhead Fabrication Tube Bender Hydraulic Ram Bracket Kit and Harbor Freight 8 ton air/hydraulic jack.  The perimeter tube is 1" square 11 gauge (.120" wall) steel structural tube.  The running board surface will be 11 gauge (1/8") thick Diamond Pattern Steel Floor Plate.  The skid plate will be .190" (3/16") thick 5052-H32 Aluminum Plate.  The running board will mount like the stock one with an additional front and real mounting point to the frame.  I had to repair the cracks/brake in the front running board mount and closed the factory gap to help add strength, this was after bending it back down into the proper location/angle.  2012-05-08

  Well, this taking longer than I expected.  But it's coming along pretty good.  The Aluminum attachment was fabricated and completed.,  Next the aluminum was cut and it was formed to match the front frame/running board edge.  After that came the work to cut the diamond plate, it was cut and the edges cleaned and checked for fit.  Last today was the tacking in place of the diamond plate.  2012-05-09

  Well, I got one done, but the other will have to wait, as I go pick up the wood fot the '46 Power Wagon Bed Wood Tomorrow, and I've got less than a  month to get it done.  2012-05-10

  Honoring Memorial Day.  God Bless the USA and all the troops who have and do serve.  2012-05-28


The 2012 National Dodge Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield Iowa

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WOW, what a great Rally this year.  It's the best one I've attended yet.  One of the two highlights for me was the truck pull.  I entered the M and what a ride.  Everything I was competing with was either diesel powered or had bigger engines, but I loved it.  The other two v-8 powered M's were equipped with a 360 and a 383, and the one diesel M was powered by a 4BT.  A BIG THANKS to Matt B. a fellow Dodge loving MIJC'er who hauled my M to the Rally.  If Matt hadn't volunteered I'd had a fun time, just not as fun.  Can't wait for next year and another truck pull.  2012-06-10


The following pictures are complements, and Thanks to Jay!

Early Bird Arrival

Mondays Pot Luck Dinner

Tuesday Afternoon at the Kerr Farm (Dry conditions this year):

     Pix 1

     Pix 2

     Pix 3

     Pix 4

     Pix 5

     Pix 6

Tuesday Meet and Great Night

Thursday at the Fair Grounds


  Post Iowa Trip Repair and Maintenance begins.  First to be replaced was the always failing Holley Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).  It seems to go out like clock work on a yearly basis.  Should have replaced it while in Iowa, but didn't.  After Matt brought the truck home and I ran it a little the TPS was getting so bad the truck wouldn't hardly run.  Having participated in my first truck pull and using the M as the ride of choice, I knew I'd smoked the clutch some, but was worried about the rear axle shafts.  So I pulled both of them, and was pleased they were both undamaged.  Next came the clutch inspection.  I pulled the cover and was pleased to see I still had clutch material.  I inspected it as best as space permitted with out pulling it and both the fly wheel and pressure plate were clean, shinny and smooth, so I'm not down tot he rivets, yet.  Measuring the clutch thickness as best as I could, looks like I'm between .31 and .32 in thickness, as the clutch is .343 new, I'm not too bad, only have used .028 of the material since 2008.  Next I checked the clutch linkage, as I'd had a problem with it last year.  It was not as loose as I'd liked, so I adjusted it a little.  I'll make more adjustments when the new clutch master cylinder arrives.  The one in the truck started leaking while trail riding earlier in the week.  Next I checked the bead lock bolts for any breakage.  Had two break as I re-checked the torque, but they didn't break as a result of the Iowa trip or pull.  The rust in the break indicates they started the failure last year.  Both were on a front wheel, just as before.  I pulled out the new (re-manufactured) power steering box out to start cleaning the splines and get it ready to install, and found that this box had a stub sticking out of the steering input shaft.  The current and previous boxes did not have the stub, so I'm now looking to make sure it won't interfere, or if it can be trimmed.  Other than replacing the failing PS box, and the clutch MC everything else looks good, so for.  2012-06-11

  I got the clutch master cylinder replaced.  I backed off on the adjusting rod a little, but may have gone a little too for.  The clutch doesn't fully release now, but might still be a little air in line.  I had problems bleeding it, the power bleeder would not fit and the bleed screw was full of dried mud.  Will give it a little time and re-adjust as needed.  I also installed the replacement power steering box.  I shortened the pin by a 1/4" and it now clears the U-Joint just fine.  I drained all the fluid and installed a filter in the return line.  At first everything was god after refilling and working the air out, but the the belt squalled some.  Turns out in addition to the box having a problem, the belt was a little loose.  After a little testing and re-tightening the belt, the steering is back to it's great ease.  2012-06-14

  Well, I got the M out for one good run with the MIJC this year, man the hot dry summer sure did hamper my off-road runs.  This was the MIJC's Annual Halloween run at Dukes Off Road Ranch.  Had a great time, and I made every trail I tried, the only one I didn't was Widow Maker, the M's just too wide for how narrow it's getting.  It took several tries to get up Spider Gulch, but I was one of only three who made it.  I also was the only one of two who tried to make it through the extremely deep water hole in the creek, Dave followed me through, but didn't make it.  to give you an idea of how deep the hole is, Dave has brand new 35" tall Boggers on his Jeep.  I had the water come up over the hood and into my floor board, and almost killed it when the air filter got wet.  Unfortunately no one that I know of got any pictures of me.  All in all another great cool mudy day in the Fall at Dukes!  Thanks Steve.  2012-10-27

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