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  This Spring Break, we took the M37 for its last trip to Green Acres, as we are selling/sold the property.  We had a great time, with Gabrielle very successfully driving the M.  Even Molly enjoyed the ride in the Franky.  2013-03-28

  Well, the M once again has matching (straight) running boards.  I got around to building the drivers side to match the one I built for the passenger side last year.  I hope these stay straighter and hold up better to the rocks than the stock running boards did.  2013-05-13
  The M is loaded and hopefully ready for Indiana.  2013-05-14

  The Indiana Dodge Truck Rally as always was a great event.  A big THANKS to Ron, his entire team and Mark Walchle for a great time and lot of fun and great food.  Ron's wife, Pam and her crew sure can put on a great meal, and they did a wonderful job cooking and serving.  Indeed also a big thanks to Sultan Gear, Nick Perrecilli and Alphonso Cannoli for the door prizes and trophy donations.  Ron has a new Media Blaster, and he put on a very nice demonstration of it's abilities.  We are all very impressed, and he's sure to get a lot of business with it.  Mark's family welcomed us to his place again, and feed us some delightful home made Ice-cream, made by an Allis Chalmers Power unit.  We also got to see a just completed Power Wagon Crew Cab by Micheal Vyect.  This truck was just amazing sand so well done.  Just as two years ago, the Old Dodge Trucks showed up the Cheby guys at Marks place near Decatur IN.  This year the creek was lower so crossing wasn't the challenge, driving through the creek and exiting at a deep spot was.  Me in the M, and Taylor in the WC both made it successfully, but I had to assist the Cheby out of the creek.  Mark brought out his Bell Telephone Truck, and put on as always a great demonstration.  Mark has a very nice yard, with some beautiful yard art.  Ron broke a rear axle shaft in his Town Wagon, so we had to go retrieve it before the day was over.  I won best of Show for the M37 (due to the creek fun) and Newest Power Wagon for my '06 3500.  Ron has a real talent, and a great guy.  If you can you need to make it to one of his events.  I've got the TPS Sensor going out again, just three weeks ahead of schedule this year.  I also have a broken door latch spring, and a short in the headlights I've got to fix before Iowa.  2013-05-18

  Well, leading up to the big Iowa Power Wagon Rally Trip, we went to MI to visit the kids.  Just three miles from their house, the Megacab's transmission went out, 101K miles on the stock trans.  Randy of Randy's Towing picked us up and backed the truck and camper together into the yard at the kids house.  After some research and phone calls, I found Dusty, at Hawk Torqueflite Specialties LLC (HTS).  He built me one of his Ultimate Duty Transmission 48RE's (HTS48-1) with Triple Disc Torque Converter, Billet Input Shaft, Billet Flex Plate, and Mag Hytech Double Deep Pan's.  And he was able to build it and have it ready for pickup in three days.  I arranged for Dick Scott Chrysler to do the transmission swap for me, as they were the only place I trusted in the area.  I also had them change the axle and trasnfercase fluids as well as the engine oil and filter while it was their.  They did all the work and was able to get me back on the road the same day I delivered them the transmission.  After the 3 day delay in leaving Michigan, and after having rented a car and taken Collette and Gabrielle home, I decided that I'd take the camper straight to Iowa for the Rally.  Well, I only made it about 60 miles down the road before I blew a tire on the camper.  I was able to change it quickly, but noticed that the other tire on that side was close to blowing from the same belt separation cause.  Fortunately I was only about a mile form an exit with lots of service options.  After spending the night in a parking lot in the camper, I was able to get four new ST tires for the camper, and back on the road, thanks to Belle Tire.  However after the the weeks events and issue, I decided I'd just go home and lick my wounds.  2013-05-24 thru 31

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