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The 26th Annual Dodge Power Wagon Rally, in Fairfield Iowa, June 2013
Well, once I got the M and the Camper to Iowa, a few days later than I planned I went for a trail ride at the new farm for trail rides.  It is a little distance form the fairgrounds, but a great place to ride.  However attempting to concur a new wet hill climb I managed to explode a front axle Tracta Joint (CV Joint), and in the process found the week point in the axle housing.  I didn't realize that the housing was broke until I started the teardown and replacement of the broken axle shaft/joint.  Thanks to Matt, Jens, Jon and Mike  as well as all the other great staff at Vintage Power Wagons, I not only hade the replacement axle shaft/joint, but when we realized I needed the axle housing as well, they quickly plucked one from the yard, stripped and cleaned it so it could be installed.  Everyone jumped in and helped me disassemble, and reassemble the axle and install it to get me back on the road.  In 7.5 hours the repairs were done and I was in time to go on the afternoon trail ride.  However my luck wasn't holding out, as while on the trail ride the Holley Pro-Jection Fuel Injection system said I'd had enough of it and it wanted to be out of my life.  I went so rich, that even after turning the fuel curve all the way down, it was still belching fuel smoke and fumes so bad you eyes hurt.  We made it back out to the wiener roast site and started looking to see if it could be adjusted further or fixed.  No luck, so to preserve the engine I was once again trailed back to Fairfield.  That ended the trucks trail ride for the Rally and no truck pull for the M this year, but I was able to at least make the Parade.  I had a great time despite the events leading up to the trip and the problems at the Rally.  All this carnage led to me receiving this years "Steel Balls" award at the banquette.  Somehow I also ended up on the distinguished panel of 8 on stage in an answer and question session with Gordon Maney, the publisher of the Power Wagon Advertiser.  We had a great turn out and and even some new trucks this year.

  To me, it looks like the spindle axle busing I installed new back in 2005, ~2,400 miles ago, had excessive wear, and may have caused/contributed to the Tracta Joint wear/failure.  2013-06-17

Today, likely that last 70ļ day this year, I gave Frankenstein a wash.  This is in preparation for a little, well OK, maybe a little more work.  Itís time to pull out and scrap the Holley Pro-Jection TBI system.  It let me down big time in Iowa this year, and Iíve not been able to drive and enjoy the M since.  It runs, kind of OK to get on/off the trailer and in/out of the shop, but thatís the limit of what I'll drive it.  Iíll also do some wiring clean up, a little paint touch (replacement front axle), and pull the radiator and get the small leak repaired.  2013-10-14

  Well, I installed the Edelbrock 1406 Performer Carburetor I borrowed from Jon for testing.  I also took a picture of the original engines carburetor, the Pro-Jection and the Edelbrock together for comparison.  With it installed, the Holley throttle cable bracket was 1.25" too long, so I fabricated a new one to work with the carburetor.  With it built, test fitted and then painted it was ready for it's final installation and testing the M with the carburetor.  The engine started and idled fine after a small metering and idle screw adjustments.  So now it was off into the mid 30 degree air for a test drive.  After the engine came up to temperature, I found that on hard acceleration the engine had a little lag.  In lower gears and lower speed the M ran OK, but at 50 MPH and 3,000 RPM, when you punched it, the engine didn't not get up and go, it very slowly accelerated and there was some engine ping/knock.  As the carburetor was used, and had undergone many previous adjustments, Jon thought the floats might be too low, and causing it to run lean.  At this point I'm not yet sold on switching to a carburetor, so I'll hold off on starting the wiring clean up.  2013-11-19

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