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  Fabricated a bracket to mount the Santa Cruz SC-5 Universal Gunlock.  I then installed the Gunlock and But Plate and it works great.  2015-04-25

  The Annual Indiana Dodge Truck Rally was again a great event.  Thanks to Pam & Ron R and Leondia & Mark W!  The only thing I did to the M other than removing the full canvas top I'd installed for the winter was to discover the battery isolator had stopped working.  So to get by I simply bypassed it for now. Great Food, and friends were enjoyed by all.  Ron had a friday meet and greet at his shop.  Saturday was a feast to the eyes with Mark's Power Wagon Barn, what a wonderful place!  2015-05-16

  Since I no longer had the W500 Fire Truck and still had the PA system I'd picked up at a swap meet for it, I decided to give it a home in the M37.  Not a lot of place to install it but the 100 Watt speaker fit under the hood.  The PA/Signal Generator I'll not (yet) permanently mount, but connect it as I want/need it.  Since the trim to Indiana confirmed a little bad spot in the steering box (do to some hard wheeling at Flatnasty) I decided to install the replacement box I picked up last year.  Unfortunately I found that the rebuilt bod had hose flare repair fitting installed which caused the hoses to extend further into the frame than in a stock box.  So the box would no longer bolt up as the pressure hose was hitting the steering reinforcement/mounting flange added to the frame.  So out came the drill, air saw and dremel tool.  I added a slot in the bracket/flange, but it's in an area that should not effect the overall strength as when I did the PS conversion I made it a little overkill.  After a little more testing I decided there was indeed an issue with the Warn Battery Isolator for the primary battery.  So half of the unit was bad.  I had ordered and received a new unit, a NOCO 140 Amp.  As the Alternator is 140 Amp, hopefully I won't have any issues with this one.  It was a tight fit, but but installed cleanly and leaves enough room for air around all sides.  2015-05-28

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