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  Went with the MIJC back to the Badlands in Attica Indiana.  Had a great trip, but discovered I had damaged the rear ARB Air Locker in the Truck Pull in June.  I also found that when the truck comes down hard on the rocks, the severe bang causes the fuel Injection to shut down.  I was not able to get it to restart by resetting the power, but had to swap computers.  The second time I swapped the computers back and it worked again, so I'm guessing that the sudden jar is either causing the relays to open close quickly and cause a computer shut down that takes time to re-set, or something in the computer can't take the jar and need time to reset.  So I'm going to replace the relays with solid state ones, and make a wiring change so all power to the computer comes from the same power feed, both switched and constant.

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