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  After slipping the clutch last November while wheeling at the Bad Lands it was time to make the repairs and get ready for wheeling season 2017.  The first picture is the clutch as it was installed back in March 2009, 8 years ago.  I started out by dropping the cover and doing a cursory inspection.  IT wasn't obvious, but then again there isn't a lot of room to see things.  2017-03-02

  So it was time to pull the seats and transmission tunnel and start removing the Intermediate Drive Shaft, and linkages.  After pulling the transmission I pulled the clutch and fly wheel for a good inspection before heading the the clutch shop.  As you can see it did a good number on it  I also pulled the shifter stub and cover off the NP435 to inspect it to see what might be causing the hard 3rd gear shifts.  2017-03-05

  After inspecting the transmission, shifter and cover, I deduced my shifting wasn't in the transmission or the shifter stub, but in the shift tower.  So I pulled the shift tower off the non-granny NP435 I originally built the truck with and installed it on my current granny NP435.  This not only fixed the 3rd gear shift difficulties, but also gave me a transmission activated reverse light switch I could wire into my wiring harness.   2017-03-07

  The guys over at the Brake & Clutch Exchange were able to put me together a great new Dual Friction Clutch.  They said this one should hold something like 800 HP (I'm no where near that) and still allow me good off-road performance.  They also resurfaced the flywheel, rebuilt the pressure plate and provided the new through out bearing.  I readjusted the clutch linkage, which was a little more tricky with the clutch, but works great.  Now with the transmission back in and the tunnel cover and seats back it's time to make sure everything works great, and it did.  You will notice one casualty, the temperature gauge face.  I've had what I thought was a faulty temp gauge as it always read high so it wasn't devastating as I was going to replace it anyway. 2017-03-09


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