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  M37 Damage Update Report. (Southern Power Wagon Rally and MIJC Easter Trip to Flat Nasty Off Road Park)

Well, as you know that I again destroyed another Power Steering Box & Pump while wheeling at the Souther Power Wagon Rally. Yep, just shy of two years on this box and pump, and the one before only lasted two years. Just can't get one to last, but I'm getting real good at changing them. The evening before the box went I'd made a run to fuel the M up, and all was well. The next morning I fired the truck up to go wheeling and I had no power steering. I didn't make it very far before I noticed smoke coming from under the hood. It was the Power Steering pump. We pulled the belt off expecting the pump to be locked up but, no it spun, but everything steering wise was HOT. I ran the rest of the trails with no power and manhandling the wheel which was tougher than just having manual steering.
Well, while washing off the mud from the event I noticed the tires were toed out. Post the Easter Wheeling trip to Flat Nasty I'd done a post wheeling inspection and had noticed the Tie Rod was rotational loose, but the ends were good in lateral movement. Well, I should have looked closer, while jacking up the truck to pull the steering, I investigated the toe out the situation. WOW, was I shocked to see the Tie Rod was bent, and not just a little. Guess that explains the tire scrub at road speed while taking a curve, I just thought I wasn't up to road pressure. I'll pick up the replacement box and pump tomorrow and adjust the tie rod to test the steering and get the truck on and off the trailer so that I can change it out for a good one when I get to Iowa.  2017-05-01

For those that are curious here is the history on Steering Gear Box's:
8/2015 - 1st Box (I think was from NAPA)
11/5/10 - 27-7500 (O'Reilly)
6/5/12 - 27-7500 (O'Reilly)
8/11/14 - 27-7500 (O'Reilly)
6/8/15 - 502-0108 (O'Reilly)
5/2/17 - 502-0111 (O'Reilly)

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