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  This year was the 30th International Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield Iowa.  I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow a 40' trailer and take both the M37, and the freshly re-powered 1946 Dodge Power Wagon.  Tow length was 65'.  2017-06-02

  After some fun at the Power Wagon Ranch after arriving I moved cam sites the next morning and got a prime spot at the Fair Grounds.  Oh and Yea and the trips to the Dairy Bar started as well.  The next round of wheeling at the PWR didn't last long, I managed to break a pitman arm!  We had stopped to do some tree trimming, and after completing the work I took off, and just as I let out on the clutch, POW!  Thought o my self, where then went another axle shaft, so I turned to go up the hill, the truck turned  and I proceeded up the hill.  Then came a tree, so I turned to dodge it, but the truck didn't.  Back dup to try again and still the truck didn't change directions, then I realized the POW was steering related.  Didn't like that it broke, but was very thankful it didn't let go while I was driving down the road.  The guys helped get me to the top, but based on the amount of poison ivy/etc... I didn't want to work on it in the woods.  Thankfully Doug had the Bob Cat at the ranch, and was able to pick up the front of the truck and let me steer out of the woods,  Then he lifted me and drove me out the pasture trails and into the PWR shop.  There with a little help and a couple of tools I didn't have on hand I changed out the arm, and while I was at it the tie rod.  The last pictures in this group will show a previous arm I'd broke back in May 2010, this broke arm and a good used arm.  2017-06-03

  Some more fun today, a little pizza, some more ice cream and back to the PWR.  2017-06-05

  Great Trail Ride at the Phillips Farm and time at the Fair Grounds.  2017-06-06

  Fair Grounds  2017-06-07

  Great Trail Ride at the Phillips Farm.  2017-06-08

  Another great day and a blast at the Truck Pull.  No broken Axles!  2017-06-09

  Today was Parade Day!  2017-06-10
    Back home and ready for the next adventure.  2017-06-14

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