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  Well, as I prepare for the Wheeling Season, I unloaded my Dodge M37, "Frankenstein" from the trailer and started the preparations.
Oil, Filter, Lube, etc... as well as a good going over. I also added an additional 8oz of Power Steering Fluid Capacity. As most of you know other than axle shafts my weak point is Steering. I already had a decent size cooler and a filter, but hopefully adding a little more fluid will assist in keeping the steering alive a little longer. More on the Power Steering to come.

  Today I finished a little work on the M37, and part of that was a Steering Upgrade. I had a helper in the shop today, Grandson Eddie.
I got one of the Vintage Power Wagons Inc new New High Strength 7373789 Pitman arm for the M37 (www.vintagepowerwagons.com). It is made in the USA from hardened, stress relieved and tempered 4140 high carbon steel and has a serviceable ball stud.
After breaking my 2nd Pitman Arm last year in Iowa at the Power Wagon Rally, I had picked up a spare, and dough out my original worn unit. Even though I was sure why the second one broke was because of it being a bad casting, This new high strength unit should be a GREAT UPGRADE.
The installation went great with no issues and everything lined up just like a stock unit. I did have to trim a little off the leather dust/grease boot, but I look forward to the piece of mind with this new part.
I took the pitman arm I'd pulled off and installed it on to the backup steering box, now I just need to pick up a nut to hold it in place.
While checking all the bead lock bolts I found only one broken. So everything should be a go for the Dodge's first off-road trip of the year.

  Here are a few pictures from this past weekends 2018 Easter Wheeling with the MIJC at Flat Nasty Off-Road Park near Jadwin MO.
I have over 25GB or 2:43 hrs of Video to go through and edit that will be posted later.
The new Power Steering Pitman Arm worked great. The added PS fluid also seemed to help, but more wheeling will tell the story.
Inspected the today after trail ride. The truck did sustain some additional body damage, but nothing critical, that I know of. Nothing broker, per say, but lots of battle scars.
I believe the tie rod suffered minor damage, but the new part survived, so far.
The Power Steering now has a small leak in the return lines between the cooler and tank. Hoses are getting old and hard so they will need to be replaced. Lost about 6 oz while wheeling/traveling.
After airing up the tires and recalibrating the air down tool (Fronts were at 11psi rather than 14) I found a chunk of wood in one of the front tire lugs. Thankfully no leaks as a result.
I did start straightening the driver's side bed rail, it will take some more work though.

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